i want to know

The outfits in the recent cover spread were so gooood I had to draw them here and now that I did it feels like they match…? Hmmm.

high school au requests from heartfiilia & gatachalada: “lucy wearing natsu’s jersey during gym class” & “gajeel being the typical brat that teases their crush”.

good job, lucy


prompt: future

I’m a bit late joining the week but the new ending gave me the push to finish this, guuuh T~T


get to know me » friendships [1/10]
↳ aladdin, alibaba and morgiana
"don’t worry! our destinies are all intertwined. we’re sure to meet again!"


Game Of Thrones - Season 4


Did you love her? She loved you. She told you? No, all she ever talked about was killing you. That’s how I know.

how can someone so consumed by the idea of his family have any conception what his actual family was doing?